Ordination Langobardenstraße 103b, 1220 Wien +43 660 1588437 wolfgang.kopsa@gmx.at

Dr. Wolfgang Kopsa

Radiology specialist

from 1994

Specialist training in the hospital Mödling and in the hospital Rudolfstiftung

from 1999
Specialist and head of MRT at the hospital Rudolfsstiftung

from 2000- 2007
Deputy medical director of the diagnosis center in 1030 Vienna

May 2007 - August 2018
Head of the Institute for Diagnostic Imaging
and Interventional Radiology at the Döbling Private Clinic / Döbling Outpatient Clinic

September 2018 - August 2019
Radiologist at the Donaustadt Diagnostic Center

from September 2019

Specialist in radiology at the Stadlau diagnostic center

seit Jänner 2023
Facharzt für Radiologie im Diagnosezentrum Baden